The Cybersecurity Department for your Growing Business

Protect your people from modern cyber-attacks and keep your business moving with Locktor.

Prevent Leaks

Stay One Step Ahead of Phishing Attacks

Empower your people to become your first line of defense against phishing attacks – the leading cause of data breaches.

Tailor-made simulations.
Protect your business's sensitive data with automated phishing simulations specifically designed to mimic real-world threats targeting your organization.
Right on the edge.
From AI attacks to CEO-fraud, Locktor trains your people to identify and prevent even the most sophisticated phishing attempts.
Phishing resistance training

Chaos to Control

Stop password struggles and supercharge your security

Say goodbye to password spreadsheets. Simplify password management and safeguard your data with Keyring. Easily create and store strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, share credentials securely within your team and eliminate the risk of weak or compromised credentials – the 2nd leading cause of data breaches.


Build Trust

Ship Secure Software Faster

Empower your developers to proactively identify and fix weaknesses early in the development cycle. Deliver exceptional, secure software that builds trust with your customers.

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Focus on what matters.

Locktor empowers your team to work efficiently with complete confidence in their online security.